Verizon offers buy-one-get-one offer on iPhone 8, iPhone X

There weren’t a huge amount of huge sales on the iPhone 8, 8 iPhone or Plus X over the holiday season, but anyone who’s been on the fence might consider Verizon’s offer.

Monday starting, Jan. 29, customers trading in a telephone for an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X are certain to get $699 towards another mobile phone.

The offer applies for phone upgraders and switchers: It’s much like a buy-one-get-one-free offer Verizon just launched for Android phones. The discount is applied as a credit to the telephone costs spread over two years, and both iPhones need to be purchased simultaneously.

Additional information, per Verizon:

· Purchase both phones on device payment

· Activate a fresh collection on Verizon Unlimited

· Trade in your phone within thirty days. You shall have the trade-in value as well as the bill credits.

Apple isn’t likely to have another new flagship iPhone any time in the future, although Apple’s entry-level iPhone SE was announced in the springtime of 2016 2 yrs ago.

Currently, T-Mobile has a “buy an iPhone also, get an iPhone 8” deal, too.

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