Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Available Now on Steam for Free

The Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod has landed on Steam as a free of charge DLC finally. Recognized by the Nanos team of programmers from Germany, Austria, and the uk, it’s been under works for over a full year now.

Working from Square Enix independently, Nanos are a little team of developers who’ve dedicated their free time to developing a completely new Nanos Multiplayer Platform. Just Cause 3 became the perfect game to check this system and after an effective trial period, the Nanos team will be ready to release their Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod on Vapor Just.

In its early form still, the JC3 Multiplayer Mod provides players usage of different servers, each with original characteristics.


Battle, race, chase and play label with fighter jets with to a huge selection of players per server up.
Enjoy community created gamemodes, ensuring an evolving play set constantly.
A lot of time of fun including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, freeroam, etc.
Don’t start to see the game mode you want? Make one!
State-of-the-art synchronisation helps reduce lag to the very least.
From enjoying the many settings that already exist aside, those proficient with javascript, html, css etc. can alter the game’s guidelines to produce their particular modes also. This may build anything they like, from simple vehicle improvements, to more spectacular creations that can entirely alter the JC3 world.

The Nanos team also shared a detailed Cause 3 Multiplayer FAQ on the Steam forums Just. As a reminder, Just Cause 3 launched in Dec 2015 and is now able to be purchased from Vapor for $39.99.

Are you the same team that created the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod?
No, we are a different team called Nanos.

My mouse is trapped?! Help!
When you have TeamViewer installed, disable the QuickConnect feature or add JC3MP as an exception.

Is tethering support?
Not yet, but it’s being worked on for Update 1.1.

Is damage synchronized?
No, not unfortunately, at least at the brief moment, we will though look into it.

Is there AI/NPC?
No, sorry, but we want into it, but we can’t give an assurance that it’s ever arriving.

Will we be able to change our player model/pores and skin?
Not in the first version, but it’s being done for Update 1.1.

Will there be an ETA for Update 1.1?
No, not yet, we will let you know as we’ve a time-frame soon. We shall talk about more info and an in depth set of things planned for 1.1 soon.

Do you want to add Steam Achievements?
Yes, those will be added in Upgrade 1.1.

Will the mod ever come to gaming console?

Will I have the ability to script custom game settings/races/etc?
Yes, of course, documentation are available here[just-cause.mp] (vapor features are missing there)


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