Dota 2 7.07 UPDATE LIVE: New heroes and gameplay changes in Dueling Fates patch

UPDATE ONE: The brand new DOTA 2 7.07 update is currently live to download on Vapor and weighs about around 1.8GB.

The most recent patch from Valve carries a complete lot of new gameplay changes, which may be available at underneath of this article.

Additionally, there is two new heroes – Donte Panlin, the Pangolier and Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow.


SWASHBUCKLE: Pangolier dashes to a fresh position, assaulting enemies in the mark path with multiple quick thrusts, coping physical apply and harm on strike results.
SHIELD CRASH: Pangolier jumps in the air and slams back again to the ground. Enemies around him are grant and damaged him short-term damage reduction the more heroes he hits.
HEARTPIERCER: Pangolier reads his enemies perfectly, deftly slipping his blade recent defenses to provide his attacks an opportunity to slow the target and fully negate foe armor after a brief delay.
ROLLING THUNDER: Pangolier curls into a magic-immune ball and thunders forwards, damaging and stunning any enemies he strikes. Shield Crash may also be used while this capability is energetic to leap over obstacles. Has a short channeling period.

BRAMBLE MAZE: Dark Willow creates a maze of brambles that latch onto enemies who head into a thicket, damaging them and applying a main.
SHADOW World: Dark Willow recedes in to the Shadow World, becoming untargetable and gaining increasing reward magic damage on her behalf next attack the much longer she remains in the shadows.
CURSED CROWN: Dark Willow bestows a cursed fae crown upon an enemy. After a four second delay, the target and any other enemies are stunned nearby
BEDLAM: Dark Willow’s partner Jex circles around her, dealing damage to close by enemies. Cannot be used while Terrorize is active.
TERRORIZE: Dark Willow’s companion Jex strikes dread into her enemies, leading to them to perform towards their house fountain. Can’t be used while Bedlam is energetic.

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